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The mission of RaabJournal.com

Raab Journal is a company that I started in 2015 with the mission of teaching business to young entrepreneurs like myself and others who are interested in starting their own business. Business means something different to everyone. RaabJournal.com will investigate different opinions and ideas about business all while giving you the most useful information that will help you succeed. With Raab Journal I hope to teach people how to take those first steps into the world of business.

Why did you call it Raab Journal?

The first part of the name was pretty simple, “Raab” is my last name. When trying to come up with a company name I wanted something that sounded like it was constantly growing and changing. I wanted a name that didn’t say “we know everything there is to know about the world” I wanted a name that invited people to come with me to explore the world of business. With all that in mind I came up with a journal. A journal is something that is constantly updated and changing, so it was perfect, I created a business journal.


Calvin Raab: Ceo and Founder

Calvin Raab: CEO and Founder

Who is Calvin Raab?

Hello my name is Calvin Raab and I am the CEO and Founder of RaabJournal.com. I am a 20 year old entrepreneur living in Southern California. I have been interested in business and entrepreneurship ever since I was little. Starting and running a business is my favorite thing to do, I have started over seven different companies.