Top Ten Most Expensive Domains Ever Sold

10: – $11 Million – 2001

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Clinching the number Ten spot on our list is In 2001 CEO David Roche purchased for $11 million dollars. But this purchase seemed to have paid off in the long run for now has over 325,000 different listings and approximately $19,000 locations. Looking back on it David Roche stated: “Now we look back we look back and think, what a bargain,”. But sadly this good fortune can’t be said for all of the domains on our list.

9: – $14 Million – 2014

Yea…I am not showing a picture of this one.

Landing our number nine spot and certainly the most abrupt domain on here comes in with Oh and I am sure this domain was picked up by some well-intentioned buyers hoping only to improve and help with Americas crippled sex education program…just kidding ok moving on now!!

8: –  $13.48 Million – 2008

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What if you spent $13.48 million dollars on something but then it never amounted to anything and you didn’t really use it? Well in case you were wondering how that feels you can go and ask the people who bought for just that 13 million dollars. The domain doesn’t have a connected website and is now for sale…and I am pretty sure the asking price is not 13 million dollars.

7: – $16 Million – 2009

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Taking our number 7 spot at 16 million dollars is In case you were wondering this is where all your insurance money goes, into domain buying, just kidding, but the website is still up and running and the people on the home screen look happy so I guess the 16 million was worth it.

6: – $17 Million – 2015

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 Coming in at number six is our first non English derived website, is In 2015 was purchased by an electronic/tech retailer for $17 million dollars. I cant tell you to much about the website for it is in Chinese and my fluencing of Chinese is dismal.

5: – $18 Million – 2009

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Coming in at number 5 and not to surprising of a name for the internet. was purchased in 2009 for $18 million dollars. This website is still up and running and helps people take their first step into the scary world of the internet.

4: – $30.18 Milion

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Flying in at number four on our list is This private Jet charter company spent a mind blowing $30.8 million dollars on the name for a website. Just to put that in perspective if you had that money you could go out right now and buy a Embraer Phenom 300, which is a private jet. After that purchase you wouldn’t be done because you still have money left over you could buy two more Embraer Phenom 300’s then after that if you were sick of that you could go to a local supercar dealer and buy two Bugatti Veyron’s!! And after that you would still have 2 million dollars left!!! Wow it must be hard to be rich…

3: Vacation Rentals – $35 Million – in 2012

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Coming in at number three on our list at a crazy $35 million dollars wasn’t bought so much because one person wanted it really bad but because one person didn’t want someone else to have, aka a competitor. is part of and was bought by the HomeAway company, the reason for buying is described by the CEO of home away Brian Sharples: “The only reason we bought it was so Expedia couldn’t have that url.” That’s right Home Away bought for $35 million dollars just to keep it out of Expedia’s hands.

2: $35.6 Million – 2010

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Yes, that is right in 2010 QuinStreet, a publicly traded marketing company, paid 35.6 million dollars for and were not the only domains bought by this company. QuinStreet also purchased for $49.7 Million dollars!!! The reason that didn’t make the cut is because the content on the website was also part of the deal not just the name. But even if we did allow to be on this list it still with its forty seven million dollar price tag would still not be in first place.

1: – $90 Million – 2005-2040 (will be paid out over 35 Years)

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Forty seven million dollars wouldn’t have even came close because topping the top of our list at number one is coming in at a ninety Million dollars, remember this is just for a website domain name, no website!! This payment will be made over time for it was paid for in 2005 and wont be finished and payed for until 2040. Now that is a monthly payment I would not care to have on my hands.


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  1. Hello Calvin

    Hope you are doing well!

    Let me correct the exact price and year of these Domain Names

    3: Vacation Rentals – $35 Million – in 2007 instead if 2012
    8: – $9.9 Million – 2008 instead of $13.48 Million

  2. Hello Calvin,

    Hope you are doing well!

    Let me correct these changes below….

    3: Vacation Rentals – $35 Million – in 2007 ——> instead of 2012
    8: – $9.9 Million – in 2008 ——> instead of $13.48 Million


  3. Hello Calvin,

    Hope you are doing well!

    Let me correct these changes below….

    3: Vacation Rentals – $35 Million – in 2007 ——> instead of 2012
    8: – $9.9 Million – in 2008 ——> instead of $13.48 Million

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