How to make money as a teenager

Having money as a teenager can be very rewarding and reliving. Many teenagers are ready to start working and making money but they just don’t know how. Below are a list of multiple ways that teenagers can make money.

Get an Actual Job

Work in retail

Retail jobs are always very popular with teenagers. Many companies are looking for young outgoing new employee’s. Retail is always safe bet because they are always hiring. Be sure to view our article on which retail company’s pay the highest. When applying for a position you will also want to think about which position will help you in the future, many skills you acquire here can help you in the long run.

Work at restaurants

If you are looking for a fast pace rewarding work environment, then this is for you. Learning how a restaurant works is a very interesting and helpful piece of knowledge. Every restaurant is different be sure to look around and find one that fits your personality.

Movie theater

Do you want an interesting summer job and don’t mind the smell of Popcorn? Then this is for you!

Life Guard

Life guarding is a very fun yet high pressure job. Before you start you will have to become certified, it isn’t too hard to do (I am a certified life guard). There is lots of pressure on the life guard so you must deal well under pressure. Life guarding tends to pay higher than most jobs due to the higher degree of difficulty.

Work at annual gigs

If there is a certain season or event that you’re really into than this is for you. If you wish to find jobs just for the summer, work at something like the fair. If you are really into some holiday like Halloween work at a Halloween store that is only open only October.


Around the neighborhood


If you are a respectful, caring teenager that is good with kids then this is for you. You can turn this into a business with a website. There are multiple websites that you can sign up with that can arrange babysitting gigs for you such as

Walk Dogs

Do you like dogs and fresh air? Then this is for you. With many family’s working they can’t take their dog on a walk. Advertise your business around your neighborhood.

Shovel Snow

This probably isn’t the best bet where in San Diego (where I live) but if you live somewhere that snows a lot this can make a lot of money. Advertise in senior citizen areas where maybe they are unable to shovel their own snow.

Run errands for the unable

This is a great business to start if you live around seniors or busy family’s. People will pay you to do things like go and get grocery’s or pick up some dry cleaning. I recommend making a website and maybe a sign up area where people can online tell you what they need done.

House sit

A very easy way to make some extra cash. When people go on vacation offer to watch over the house: take in the newspaper, trash cans etc.

Dog Sit

You can make a lot of money through this. When people go on vacation they have to put their dog somewhere. Many kennels are expensive and if you are cheaper they will go with you. If you have a outdoor area and like dogs this is an awesome business to get involved in.

Chores for others

Many people are either unable, or don’t have the time for simple chores such as taking out the garbage or feeding their dog. Step in and get paid to help out.



Sell photos that you take

As a website owner I know how hard it is to find good cheap photos to buy. If you have an eye for photography, you can make money off your photos. Sell your phots online either with an online company or create your own website and sell them through there.

Flip Products

If you have the ability to find good deals, now you can make money off it. Find good deals online or at yard sales, buy them and sell them for more. This will require you to research the market so you can find the best products to sell.

Sell articles that you have written

There are many blogs out there looking for new content to put on their website. Help them out by writing about things you care about then you can sell them online to them. Find websites that sell articles and become a writer. Here is an example of a website: website is

Sell things around the house

Ebay and Etsy are always good ways to make some extra cash. Look around your house and see what things you don’t need and what you can sell to make some extra cash.

Start a clothing company

This seems to be a very big thing right now for teenagers. Get involved in business through this. Find a company that prints T-shirts that you make and then sell them to your friends for a higher price. Be sure to check out our full article on how to start a clothing company step by step.

Take the lemonade stand to the next level

Lemonade stand are for kids you say? Wrong! Take it to the next level by creating a company you can go to local grocery stores and see if they will buy your product or go to farmers markets and sell.

Strategic selling

Sell what people need when they need it. On hot days go to populated areas and sell cold water. On rainy days’ sell umbrellas. Supply and demand.

Car wash

This is always a fun one with friends. Be professional and legitimate and you can make some real money. Contact places with big parking lots and see if you can get an area. Play music get some friends together and have fun, all while doing a good job.

Drop Shipping

Now this has potential. Drop shipping simply is getting products cheap from a manufacturer then selling them for more. This is a very rewarding business to be in, if you work hard. Find my other articles on exactly how this works and the best companies to go with. I highly recommend this, you learn so much and there is almost no risk.


Your Opinion

Fill out Surveys

Yes, you can make money through surveys, warning it won’t be that much though. Company’s need information about what their next business move should be and you can give data to them through surveys. Sign up for multiple survey sites, do a couple every day and you can make a few extra bucks.

Make review websites and videos

This is a very lucrative business. Make review videos of products or websites and you can post them. Many people will look at reviews before purchasing something, so you will get views. You can get sponsors and also monetize your content and you can make some decent money.

Become an affiliate

An affiliate is someone who pushes people to buy products from certain websites. Companies will pay you to give them traffic. I would recommend incorporating this in with a review site or review YouTube channel.

Political Campaigning

When there are local campaigns or even national campaigns I am sure you see tons of signs and posters along the road. You can be paid to do this. There is often times lots of money in campaigns, and you can profit from this. This is especially rewarding if you have a personal opinion on the election.

Review music and get paid

Paid for listening to music, what could be better? This is a great way to make a few extra bucks. Sign up for online sites that review music, the better reviewer you are the more money you can make.



This list you see here under online is very short, only including a handful of ways one can make money online. If you are interested in a more expansive in depth look into the many different ways one can make good money online check out my other article on the best ways to make money online.


Swagbucks is one of the more popular ways to make money online. There are countless different jobs that you can do and make money for doing them.

Download apps

This is boring but you can make money from it. Many websites will have lists of apps for you to download and you will earn compensation for them. Just be aware of scams and viruses.

Build and design websites

Many people out there want a website and you can create it for them. You can start small with simple websites for people from around $50 dollars then you can improve and soon be making hundreds of thousands of dollars for larger corporations.

Start a blog or niche website

Are you passionate or know a lot about something? Then this is for you. Make a blog or niche website share your knowledge put ads on the website and make money.

App developer

Having the ability to design an app is very sought after these days. Advertise your ability and start designing app. This has potential to grow and make lots of money.


YouTube is a great way to make money, but you will need lots of followers to make a decent income. Make videos about something that you enjoy or know a lot about and this has potential to grow very big.


This is a very easy thing to set up. Buy a mike and a recording software and talk about things you are passionate about. As you grow a following you can acquire advertisements and make money.

Movie editor

Being a good editor is a very marketable skill. You can make a website and have people send you content and you edit it.



Home cook

Home cooking is a very good way to make money. Make a website and have local people sign up for different meals. Market to families or elder people. Deliver the food and collect the money. Cooking is a very good way to make some good money.

Event photographer

If you are good at photography this is a great thing to start. Photograph everything form Proms to Weddings. People will pay lots of money for you to capture their special moments.

T-shirt designer

Many companies and teams are looking for professional designs. Offer to design T-shirts for a small commission. Let your inner artist out through this.

Free-lance writer

If you are a skilled writer this is a great thing to do. Sign up for free-lance websites and have people pay you to write about things they want you to. This is great because not only do you get to choose your own hours but you also get to learn new information.

Write and publish an E-book

Do you have a story to share? Then write about it and sell it. It is so easy today to write and get your book published. Amazon has a very easy and simple process to get your books published quickly with little money.

Design Logo’s

The logo is one of the most important parts to a business’ image. Companies will pay big money for you to design a logo for them. You can make five dollars every time you do this through

Make edits and digital photos

This job has a wide range of options. You can be a professional photo shopper. Or you can make edits out of photos. I know at my school athletes will pay money for people to make cool edits out of sports photos. You can also make interesting designs online and sell them.


Exploit your skill

Tutor other people

If you are a good student and a great teacher, then this is for you. An education is one of the most valuable things someone can receive. Doing well in school is extremely important for kids and parents will pay big money to help their child. Advertise locally, you can tutor younger kids or you can tutor older kids in certain subject areas that you excel in. If you feel like you have the ability tutor teens for the SAT or ACT there is lots of money in that.


Be a sports coach

If you have a sport that you are good at playing and really enjoy then this is for you. Teach younger kids how to play. This is a job that pays very well and is extremely rewarding. Being a private coach is probably your best bet.


Play an instrument in a public place

Everybody loves good music. Try playing in public areas on nights when the streets are busy. Lots of money can be made just playing on the street. A more reliable source of income is finding gigs at restaurants and events. The more you play the more exposure you will receive, start to sell albums that you have produced.


DJ for local parties and events

All the same concepts apply here as apply for playing an instrument. The key will be advertising yourself, whether it’s through flyers or a website. There is a kid at my school that DJ’s for most of the parties that the students hold. He has made a great deal of money.


Join fiverr and put your skills forward to make money

Do you have a unique skill that you can do very simply and efficiently? Then fiverr is for you. Fiverr is a website where people will pay five dollars to have a small job accomplished. This can range from digital design, to music, to voiceovers. Start making money from your talent today.



As a teenager being an actor you probably won’t make much money right off the bat but it can lead to more money. Check online for auditions and try out for roles. It is recommended that you first start out with a theatre background and work your way up. It is no secret that big name actors have big bank accounts.


Make a course and sell it on

If you feel as though you have truly mastered a subject and know it better than nearly every other person, then this is for you. Make online courses that explain a certain subject. You can take that course and sell it on Your courses will want to be extremely in depth for there is plenty of competition on Udemy.


Invest in the stock market

The stock market is not just for rich millionaires and billionaires anymore, now younger people can get involved. I recommend beginning in penny stocks. Although it is rare for people to make it rich with solely penny stocks it will teach you valuable lessons for when more money comes your way. The key to surviving in this business is to do your research and take risks. There are many stock simulators that I recommend before you get involved with the real market.


Help others with computer

Computers are now the backbone to many people’s lives and when they break, people will pay god money to have them fixed. If you are good with computers, then this is a great business opportunity for you. Many older people haven’t learned everything about a computer system and are helpless when it breaks. Start a small IT company where you can go around fixing computers. This has great scalability and can lead to a big company.


Amazon Mechanical Turk

Become an amazon mechanical Turk. Sign up and you are given small simple tasks to complete. Upon completion of the given tasks you will be paid. This is just like a normal job except you choose your own hours and you can work from home.



Clean Houses

A clean house is always desired and sought after. Many busy families don’t have the time to clean their houses, this is where you can step in and make money. Talk to your neighborhood and advertise locally about a cleaning service that you offer. The better job you do the more you will be wanted.


Clean Cars

A clean car is always wanted. There are two routes you can take with this. You can offer a relatively cheap and simple car washing service interior and/or exterior, or you can offer a detailed precise more expensive clean. The earlier is cheaper and you will receive more customers but the latter you will receive more money but with less costumers. This is a great route for those who love cars and don’t mind getting a little dirty.


Clean around your house

Take your chores to the next level. Ask your parents that if you do some extra work and clean more than what is expected, you can make more money.


Specialize in something that is hard to clean

There are many things around the house that are tough and hard to clean. Specialize in cleaning these. If you have a knack for plumping, or know how to clean a fish tank, or sprinklers, then you can exploit that skill and people will pay you for it.


Around the House

Become a gardener with friends

If you have some friends that don’t mind being in the sun and enjoy getting their hands dirty then this is for you. Get a group of friends together and start a gardening business, advertise locally.


Rodent/Insect/animal control

If you are not afraid of rodents/insects/animals, then this is for you. Many times gardens are destroyed by different animals and insects. Houses can have infestations of different animals from ants to bats. Get a group of friends together and either specialize in one type of control or be a master of many. People will definitely pay for you to control their house of different infestations.


Pet everything 

If you are a pet lover it’s time to start cashing in on your skills. You can wash, walk, groom, and transport them. You can become an all-around pet worker or specialize in one specific thing.



Vehicle advertisement

Companies will always pay lots of money for advertising and this is a way that you can get thrown into the mix. By vehicle advertising you will be paid to put an advertisement on your car. This is not a permanent advertisement, but rather a temporary banner. Companies pay by the amount of time that you have the advertisement on and to the extent to which you drive with it.


Social Media Marketing

Being savvy with social media marketing can really make or break a company. If you know how to produce clever marketing campaigns, then this is for you. Companies are very willing to hire young people into this field because teenagers will understand what works and what doesn’t from a younger persons perspective.


Leverage your online followers

If you have a very large following on any social media platform you can leverage it for money. You can leverage it by being paid to advertise for other companies. You will want to be careful you don’t do it too much for eventually you may lose followers.


Become a filmer

If you enjoy making small videos and editing, then this is for you. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are always looking at making small videos whether they are explainers or promotional videos, they will need help with them.


For Others

Camp Counselor

Many times summer camps are looking for young, outgoing teenagers to help out with summer camps with kids. If you enjoy a sport or activity, it is always fun to help younger kids with their game. Try looking at local recreation centers and see how you can get involved.


Tour Guide

Do you live by a certain tourist attraction that gives guided tours? Are you good with people and public speaking? If you answered yes to these questions, then tour guiding is for you. Find local hot spots and sign up to give tours.


Become a referee or umpire

Local sports teams are always looking for young teens to hire. I know lots of people who are soccer referees and baseball umpires and they give nothing but positive reviews.


Delivery man

If you have a car, then this is an opportunity for you. Sign up with a local restaurant and start earning money. By becoming a delivery man, you will also learn how a restaurant is designed and run which can be very useful information.


For Personal Gain:


Many of the jobs listed above are just for some quick cash to have around. Although making money during your teen years can be extremely exciting and relieving there are other things you can do that can be ten times more rewarding. One of those opportunities is to become an intern. An intern is oftentimes a teenager who works at a company doing multiple jobs but don’t get paid (but there are some that do). You apply for an internship with a company in a field that you are interested in. With an internship you learn how the company runs and learn about how that field works. This information is extremely helpful when it comes to choosing a major in college and job later in life. On top of these reasons it also looks great on collage applications.


One of the best things you can do?

Become an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is no longer for the select few but rather it is open for everyone. By being an entrepreneur you break out of the usual day by day pay and open yourself up to the chance to make millions. By being an entrepreneur you are able to change things in the world and you learn so much in the process. Raab Journal invites you to take your first few steps into entrepreneurship by looking at our website and learning the correct actions to take.

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