Big Decisions Made Quickly

Have you ever been bogged down and unable to make a decision let alone the right one at the last minute? It happens to millions of people. What’s the problem? There are too many ways to view situations at hand. I will be giving you two examples of decision making poised in two different environments.


Step 1:

How vital is it? Look at the word vital as supporting the life of your business that will help you go forward. Perhaps it is fixing that computer glitch that is preventing from you from contacting other business and clients. The other scenario would be what happens at home. It can be keeping your marriage alive, or taking care of a mother’s worst nightmare. If you’re at home and suddenly realize that you don’t see or hear your child, then its decision time. It would be best to look and find out if you child is safe and uninjured. View the word vital as the life blood, or in keeping something alive. Your life needs to be balanced in your marriage, with your child, and your business: and yes, it should be in that order. Put one out of these out of sic, and it all falls apart.


Step 2:

How important is it? Look at the word importance as something that has a lot of significance or meaning to you, whether it’s in your business or personal life. It is very close to it “vital” and needs to be taken care of. There are a lot of areas that are importance and have meaning to you. This can be a bit harder to choose. Which one rises to the top of the list in your mind first?   That is the one you do next. In the field of business it might be pushing your own business forward for success in the long term, or perhaps it’s deciding what to clean first around the house. What do you do if vital and importance seem to merge on one subject? Then it becomes a no brainer. You focus on that and do it as quickly as possible.


Step 3:

What are you looking for in your endeavor? If you don’t know what it is and how to do it- then study & learn how. It is best to know what you want in advance. Make a goal for the present and future. This will take a little bit longer. In the meantime make your decisions on the first two steps. Once you have a written list in place combine it with step 2. Check the list every 1 to 2 weeks and update it if something changes. Is getting a job important? Then make sure your resume, profile, or whatever else you need is up to date. That way you can present yourself favorably to your potential employer. What about the yard work at home? Do you want a manicured yard? Then decide what do first towards that process. Trim the bushes and then mow the lawn or vice versa.

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