Cheapest Websites to Design Your Own Shirt

Costomized with:

Costomized with:

Below are the prices from different companies to build this shirt above. $20.15 each $67.90 ($65 set up fee) $18.47 (if you buy one, price drops as you buy more) 25 shirts $5.37 $32.86 (minimum order of three) price drops as you get more(for six it would have been 22.86 each) (for 35 it $8.23) $12.33 each (minimum order of 12) 1 Item(s): $23.20 / item10 Item(s): $13.64 / item $18.95 (don’t get discounts till 11 sirts orderd) for 1: $13.43 For 5: $7.95 For 10: $6.93 $15.49 (Doesn’t get cheaper) $9.49 (minimum order of 12, $113.88) $22.78 $16.88 (doesn’t get cheaper) $5.35 – $7.76 minimum order of 36

Featured Image Credit: BlazerMan/Flickr

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