How to make a professional business card

Image Credit: Shubham/Flickr

Image Credit: Shubham/Flickr

Written by: Ketan Anjaria – Founder of Cardflick

As you may have guessed, we take business cards very seriously at CardFlick. So we wanted to share our top five tips for making a successful business card (either print or digital).

1. Include Your Image
One of the most useful things a business card can do is to connect the memory of someone to their information. For those of us who have a hard time remembering names of people they have only met once, a face can make all the difference.

2. Make It Clear
Companies often have clever names; if yours is one of them, take the time to make it clear exactly what it is that your company does. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is via tagline. You can inform and demonstrate personality in a single line

3. Be Professional

Think about the information you want to put on the card. All the freelancers out there, start by making sure you have a serious email address. If you are looking for professional work, consider getting your own domain. Think about which links you want to include on your card. Facebook is fine for friends but may not be where you want to send business contacts. Finally, you only need one email address, phone number, etc. Little steps like this can make a big difference in keeping your appearance professional.

4. Make It Unique

After you walk out the door, your card and a memory is all you leave behind. A good card leaves a strong impression. As such, now is not the time to skimp on thought and design. Showing you care about your image suggests you will care about my business. Also, your card is a chance to show your personality. The does not mean that you have to go crazy, but think about how to be memorable within the culture of your industry in a tasteful way.

5. First Impressions Count
This is the caveat to all of the above. I am not going to bother trying to guess what it is you do or what business you are in, and chances are I am not going to remember the next day. I may be amused that your card is shaped like something clever, but if it does not fit in my rolodex, I guarantee that it will fit in the trash can. At the end of the day a business card is really your first impression.

So make it tasteful, well thought out, and a pleasure to receive. Which happen to be exactly the reasons we built CardFlick, where first impressions never looked better.

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