Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise – Overview/Review

Sunrise Wholesale is a Drop Shipper I have been using for over a year. Here is a review of my experience with them. This article will go over the Pros the Cons and my personnel take aways from using Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise. The video goes into a much deeper review and shows you what it looks like once you sign up to be a member.


  • Excellent costumer support they get back to you in a matter of minutes
  • They have videos that walk you through almost every step
  • Some of the best pricing that I have found for both monthly payments or yearly
  • Products come well packaged
  • They will put any name you wish on the shipment packaging
  • Easy to understand
  • Price you the products is fair (you are not being ripped off)
  • Easily push products to Ebay and Amazon
  • Very simple navigation, easy to understand


  • Not many products, they do not have millions of products like most companies
  • Some of the products are a little outdated
  • There suggested retail price is often times way over what is realistic
  • Lots of the products go out of stock
  • Many of the products are cheaper on Ebay or Amazon
  • The products are very common, many drop shippers have them


Monthly Membership: $29.95

Yearly Membership: $99

Features that they offer

  • 7-day Free Trial Period
  • Gold Member pricing on all items – The lowest price
  • Ebay and Amazon listing/research tools
  • Store integration with Shopify and Bigcommerce
  • Cash Back Rewards Program and Promotions
  • Custom inventory files in CSV and XML format
  • Online Sales Analyzer Tool
  • Stock alerts to protect your selling reputation
  • Live help via phone, email, and chat

Tips when using Sunrise Wholesale

  • Before you go and sell some of their products do some thorough research. Some products they offer are found at a much cheaper price giving you no reason to even try selling it.
  • Always check how many units are still in stock, these may drop drastically.
  • Sign up for email on stock alerts
  • Try and find a niche with the products do not try to sell everything they have

My overall opinion

All in all I do recommend this company for those who wish to start a Drop Shipping business. I believe that this company is great for anyone that is just starting out with drop shipping. Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise is great for beginners because of its tutorials and support. I would recommend buying the year membership for $100 you will break even faster.

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