My Wine Accessory Company Walkthrough

A lot of people ask me what my websites look like. Here is an example of one of my e-commerce websites. This is a company that I started that sells wine accessories. All of my products are from the Drop Shipping company “Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise”. The name of this company is Calsvino Here are some key aspects to this website.

Here is the link:

The Name

The name of this company is Calsvino. My name is Calvin which is where the Cal part came from. Vino is Italian for Wine, since Italian wine is so well-known it would fit very well. After playing with the words I came up with the name “Calsvino”.


When creating an online store I like to keep things as simple as possible. If things are to complicated and it takes your costumer to long to find what he is looking for he will just leave for someone else. Here you will see that there are not many buttons per page and it is very easy to navigate through the website. When thinking of the colors that I wanted to dominate this website I tried to stick with black and gold that way the pictures would pop out a little more.


The mood of your website is something that I believe is very important. With this website I wanted to create a very elegant and classy mood. When creating a website you want to think of what kind of feeling you want your costumers to have while they shop within your website.

Big Pictures Little Text

When creating an online store the pictures are what will sell your products. Yes descriptions play a key role but pictures are what really get costumers to click the “Buy Now” button. This website I tried to let the pictures do the talking.

The Quote

Right in the middle of my homepage you will notice that I placed a quote by Galileo Gallilei. This quote is there to enforce the mood of elegance once again.

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  1. Well done!

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