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One of the most frustrating things a business owner can run into is advertising. Advertising is how you get others aware of your company. Every company from Apples billion dollar company to your neighbors lemonade stand, there is advertising involved. Below are a list of some of the best ways to advertise your business many of which are free or very cheap.


Social Media:

Social media is the number one form of advertising. The key with social media is to stay consistent and post often. Be interesting on social media show how you are different from other company’s.

  • YouTube: YouTube is a must use in getting your name out there it is free and easy to make simple and informational videos.
  • Facebook: Facebook is an awesome tool for gathering all of your customers together, essentially creating a marketplace. Very easy to interact with customers.
  • Twitter: Twitter is the essential tool to use when you need to get a quick bit of information out fast such as you have updated your website.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a photo/15 second video app. Use Instagram for the beautiful pictures you have captured. Here is an article on how to successfully advertise on Instagram.
  • Yelp: Yelp is a must have for all restaurants and service based business’s. Yelp lets people rate your company. The better rated you are the higher regarded your company becomes. This is often times the first place someone will go to see what others think of your business.


Get out in the local community

Getting out in the local community has to do with networking. Become well-known and liked in your community. The options below also shine a positive light on your company.

  • Sponsor educational events: By sponsoring educational events people see your name associated with “smart” events/people.
  • Run Charity Events: Charity events prove to the people who your company is out there to better society. Examples such as food drives and 5k runs. Have the money go to a cause you are passionate about.
  • Meet with others in the same field: This has to do with networking yourself and your business. Have others see you and meet you.
  • Hold seminars: This is a good way to get like-minded people together.
  • News Paper: News Paper ads are extremely helpful they get a lot of eyes on your business. Contact columnists and journalists about them writing an article about your business.


Hardcopy advertisements

  • Flyers: Flyers are a good way to get everyone to see you. Put them in places that have to do with your business.
  • Business Cards: Business cards are a must have to market yourself, pass them to everyone you can and always have them on hand.
  • Door Hangers: Door hangers get people to see your business that may not come into contact by it otherwise.
  • Mail: From day one of your business you should start building up a mailing list. Do not spam your subscribers email but rather update them with big things that are happening.


Wearable/Usable Advertisements

  • T-shirts: All it takes is a cool design and a simple slogan and you can get people to advertise your company on their clothing.
  • Tattoos: Good luck finding someone to do this…but hey could be good advertising.
  • Pens: Having Pens with your company name on are extremely helpful, everyone uses pens now they are with your company name on it.


Visible advertising

  • Bill Boards: Although they are sometimes pricey bill boards is a quick way to get your name out to thousands of people. Keep them simple and straight to the point since people will only see them for a a couple of seconds.
  • Posters/Banners: Posters are very good if you can them in visible places talk to business’s and ask if you can put up your poster in there place of business.


Let your company be heard/seen!

  • Radio: Radio advertising is a good and effective form of advertising. Put the advertisement on a radio station that has something to do with your company.
  • Television: Everyone watches television, everyone watches advertisements. Be sure to have your add stand out among the others. Have your add still work if someone puts the TV on mute.



  • Give aways: Give aways are a very good way to get people involved. Do this especially on social media, it will get your name out there in the social media world, plus who doesn’t love free stuff?Example: say that out of everyone who shares something about there website will enter for a chance to win a free T-shirt.
  • Coupons: Coupons are very good to offer to people as a reward for helping you with your company. Coupons also will bring more people to your website.


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