Top business ideas to start right now

Here is a list of business’s to start now. We choose these business’s by looking at what is needed now and what will be needed in the future. The companies below can be started with no or very little money. These are self unemployable business that you can start right now.


Company Promotional Videos

Are you good at making and editing videos? This is for you. With this company you will be hired to film videos for companies that either make their products themselves look good. Companies will pay lots of money to look good.


Dog Trainer

This is for all the dog lovers out there. People will pay lots of money for someone who can make their dog to stop chewing up their shoes.


Retirement Recreation

Lots of retired men and women are looking for something to do. If you live in a place where lots of retirees live, this business will thrive. Lots of money and opportunity, you can even add your own personal theme, be unique.


Social Media Marketing

If you wish to have your business thrive in this world you have to be on social media. If you are social media savvy you can turn that knowledge into money by helping companies promote themselves.


Homemade Beauty Products

There are billions of dollars in the cosmetic industry, join in. People will pay extra money on products by a small local company. Become unique and add your own style to it. Be different.


Errand Service

If you can make something convenient for another they will pay, this is an example of that. If you can save someone a couple of hours of their weekend they will pay for it. Also good for elders who can’t drive.



If business wants to grow into other countries and work with new people they need to work with other those who speak other languages. Translating is a highly desirable skill, why not make a business out of it?


Personal Trainer

Everyone wants to have that amazing body and they are defiantly wiling to pay for it. If you know a lot about the gym, human anatomy, and in great shape you can teach others your knowledge for money.


Green Helper

Sounds weird I know, but what being a green helper means is that you help companies and different people become more “Earth friendly” Companies are pushed more and more these days to help the environment, use that to your advantage.


Write Books

Despite what people may say, people still do, and always will, read books. Now with and ibooks it is now easier than ever to publish your own book. Put your knowledge into writing for others.


Body Guard

Wealthy/famous people pay lots, and I mean lots of money for their own personal security. Start your own body guarding business with a few trusted guys. Work as a team and you will go many places, literally.


Traveling Salon

Like I said earlier people pay lots of money for convenience. Open your own hair salon on the go. Go to other people’s homes and do their hair. You wont have to worry about renting a place of business, which results in more money in your pocket.


Music Lessons

Do you play an instrument and want to make a business out of it? This is your chance, start your own music lesson company. Music is something that isn’t going away any time soon.


Sports Coach

Do you enjoy a certain sport and want to teach it to others? Some Coaches these days are paid lots of money. Coaching sports is a good income whether you are teaching armatures or coaching at a very elite level.


Unique Coffee Shop

I put unique in the title because a normal coffee shop just wont last these days. Be a unique and special coffee shop, if you relate to the costumers you can become one of the most popular places in the city.


Start A Blog

Is there a certain topic that you could just talk for hours about? Then start a blog! Now-a-days you can make lots of money off blogging. You make money through advertising and product placement. And who doesn’t want to make money while choosing their own hours?



Help people improve people’s lives. If someone is down on themselves and going through a tough time they will most certainly be willing to pay for help to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Must have excellent people skills.


Mobile Apps

Never have apps been so popular. There are hundreds of millions of dollars in this industry. I am not saying you have to create the next huge complex game but simple addictive games are the bestsellers the majority of the time.


Logo Designer

Are you creative? Then starting a logo designing company might be the thing for you. Companies spend lots of money on creating that perfect logo. A Logo is often times the first thing a person see of your company, and we all know the importance of first impressions.


Mobile Pet Grooming

Pets are awesome but they get a little less awesome when they smell bad and shed everywhere. If you are a professional pet groomer, you can make a good living. If you are an animal lover this is an awesome company to start.


Computer Skills Teacher

Do you know how to download different things online and check your email? Then you already know more than a lot of people about the Internet. Teach tech skills to others, the more you know the more you will earn.


Resume Writer

Resumes are probably one of the most important papers you will right in your life, so you want it to be perfect right? If you can write a stellar resume others will defiantly pay you for it.


Drop shiping

In my opinion this is one of the best companies to start right now because it can teach you so much about owning a business and there is very little risk. If you want to be an entrepreneur this is a really good idea to do. Check out the whole series I did on drop shipping.


Personalized Products

Now that almost everything can be bought online and brought to your house in a matter of days, if you wish to have something original and unique personalize your objects. I mean what’s cooler than a towel with your name on it? Exploit this and start your own personalization company.


Home Health Care

Having good health is something that people will pay for before almost anything else. If you have a background in medicine and want to be self-employed, do home health care. Limitless opportunities.



Knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world and people will pay to increase their knowledge. Leverage your knowledge of a certain subject by teaching it to others.


Seasonal Possessions

What we mean by starting a company the sells seasonal possessions is starting a company that sells things that are only used for a part of the year. Examples include Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes etc. Whenever you are in business with these you will be in peak season. Another benefit of this is that each year you can improve yourself and learn from the year before.


How to come up with a business Idea

If you didn’t like any of these ideas or none fit your personality check out the other video I did on how to come up with a business idea. The link is in the description below.


None of these Ideas work for you?

If none of these business seemed like they worked with you, do not fear. I have an article on how to come up with the perfect business idea, click on this text.

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