How to use Instagram for marketing


Instagram is my favorite place to advertise products. Instagram is a social site that can either make or break your companies advertising. Below are a list of key things to keep in mind so your business can succeed on Instagram.


Post Interesting photos

Have your photos engage the audience. You want your photos to stand out from the others on their feed. Don’t always post pictures of your products over and over, switch it up.


Connect with customers

Always respond quickly to their comments, don’t wait. Follow your most loyal followers. Like and comment on your customer’s photos. This will make them feel like they are apart of the company.


Give Shootouts

Share pictures of your followers/costumers using your products (with their consent of course). This will not only make them feel good and give them followers but will show others that your product is popular.


Pay for adds

Instagram now has sponsored adds that companies can pay for. This is a little pricey but it gives you definite eyes on your content. You can also pay for shootouts from other companies, choose companies that are in the same field as you.


Have an engaging bio

Keep it brief and simple. Say what your company truly stands for, what its main purpose is. Be sure to include you website URL in the bio.


Post regularly

Keep posting, Instagram is not a get popular over night thing, it take time and many posts. Don’t post too much, if you overload followers news feeds they may get annoyed and unfollow you.


Use Hashtags

Create a company hashtag. Use very general hashtags in your posts so people can find you. Keep all hashtags related to your company. It is a very good idea to create your very own hashtag with your company name, this will give a place for costumers to share their photos with you.


Learn from others

Look at other successful business’s and celebrity’s and see how they use Instagram. You can learn many techniques being put into play. They have multimillion dollars of advertising capabilities see what they do with it.


Point to Instagram

On your website or blog have buttons that point to Instagram. This is how you will start to gain your followers.


Host give-a-ways

Everyone wants free stuff, use that to your advantage. Have people get free stuff if they do certain things such as sharing your company on their account or sharing it with friends. This is how you get your company to spread by word of mouth.


Post Videos

Don’t just post photos mix in some videos. Keep videos entertaining, and engaging. Make the viewer want to watch it again.


Have others do a Instagram “takeover” on you account

An Instagram “takeover” is when an individual takes over the account for a day or two and they post what they wish. Often times this is done with a celebrity or someone entertaining.


Use captions that stimulate conversation

Don’t post a paragraph on your posts, let’s be honest who wants to read that. Post comments that intrigue the viewer. Have open-ended questions so the viewer’s can give their personal opinions. For example have other viewers comment what they believe the caption should be.


Keep it simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to Instagram. Keep things clean and simple. Don’t overwhelm someone with info but rather intrigue them.


Post photos of employees/behind the scenes

Show what it really means to be a part of your company by posting pictures of employees. Show the roots of the brand. Show the viewers where the product really comes from. This will again make them feel more apart of the brand.


Launch products

Give your followers a first look at something. This will keep them engaged and keep them from unfollowing you.

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