How to create a great company name


A name is the first step for a company, and maybe one of the most important. A company name says a lot about you and what you stand for. A lot of the time people may over complicate and over think the naming process. Below are a few things you can do to come up with the perfect name.


Know your audience

Think about who you are talking to. Think about who your company works with. You will want to come up with a name that best attracts there likings. A Surfing company has a different audience than a wedding planner company.


Keep it short

When creating a company name simplicity is key. Don’t have long strings of numbers and letters. You want your name to be easy to remember.


Try Making up a name

This is where you can let your brain wonder. Coin your own name. Bring out the scrabble board and just mess with words. Sometimes making up you own name is the best for it is probably not taken and easy to remember.


Try name generators

There are multiple free resources for you out there. Many companies have generators that when given a few key words will spit out some names for you. Such generators include.


Do a trademark search

When you have found a name that you are interested in it is necessary to make sure it is not already being used. Make sure other companies are not using it. If you use a trademarked name, you can run into many unwanted legal issues.


Simple adjective-noun phrases

Adjective noun phrases are a good thing to resort to when no one word name has been successful. An example might be “Amazing Steve’s”. Try and pick an adjective that best describes your business and always keep it positive.


Go universal

Have your name work throughout the world. If you can’t find a name in English try translating to other your ideas and you may find some good results. Simple names work throughout the world, long names can’t be said by people who don’t speak the language.


Get advice

Ask friends, neighbors, the mailman, and your waiter about ideas that they may have or what they think of yours. Don’t get offended if they don’t like your ideas, see what they have to say and be open to all ideas.


Keep it on the back burner

Names are not easy to come by, a million dollar name doesn’t just come to you in seconds. Sleep on your ideas and your multimillion dollar name may come to at a café, so always be ready.


Don’t stress out

Although the name is important it isn’t the deciding factor between business and none. Don’t spend years thinking it up. Your most important thing is your product or service not your company name.

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