How to Create a Blog- Complete Walkthrough

What we will be doing:

Together we will be creating a simple blog using After creating many blogs and separate websites I have come to the conclusion that webs is the easiest to understand and run. The blog we will be creating is completely free from start to finish, if you eventually want more features you will have to upgrade. If you want a complete walk-through of the process watch the video above. The video is a step by step walk through from creating a free account to publishing your first few blogs. Below is a list of everything that is covered in the video.


Before you start:

Before you start actually building your blog you will want to first know a few things about your blog

  • Know what you want your blog to be about
  • Know what you want to use
  • Know your target audience


Step One: “Make the free account”

Once you have finished all the preparing you are ready to get started building. We will be building the blog using I am using because it is free and easy to understand, and there is no coding involved. Once on the homepage click on “sign up free”. Then fill out the needed information to make your account. Click on the theme you wish your blog to follow. For the theme we used the snowboarder. After that many more options will show up including buying a domain and such, there is always a free option, choose that one.


Step Two: “Start Building!”

The drag and drop builder allows you to manually build everything with an instant result. Below are a few steps that I did to build my website, check out the video to see them further explained. Listed in bullet points below are the things that I did in the video to make my blog.

  • Have a large front photo, this sets the mood of the website
  • Have smaller photos below it
  • Insert a paragraph next to the pictures
  • The paragraph will give a brief explanation of one of your blogs
  • Have the photo have something to do with that blog
  • On the blog page post your first blog
  • After publishing take the URL of the blog
  • Link the photo on the homepage to the correct blog post by clicking on the photo and adding the link
  • go to the “about me” section and add a picture of you on it
  • Write a brief description of you on it
  • On the dashboard edit your mobile site
  • Be sure to publish it so the world can see it


Step Three: “Publish”

Now that you have built the backbone to your blog it is time to publish it.


Step Four: “Get your blog seen”

Now that you have made your blog you are going to want to check out some of our other articles on how to further your blog. Explore our blogging and advertising articles and videos to bring your blog to its full potential.


Here is the website that we created:

Feature Image Credit: Robert Lennon/Flickr

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  1. How do you get the photo or title of your blog to show up on fb as opposed to the Photo on your home page?

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